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E-commerce Photography

Why you NEED great photography to sell online

You are thinking of buying a new car. You scour the local adverts and find two cars that are exactly what you’re looking for. They’re both the right colour, they have exactly the same mileage and made in exactly the same year. They are both the same price.

To all extents and purposes, these are exactly the same car.

The first car is beautifully polished, the wheels buffed, the interior has been detailed to a very high finish. There are lots of well taken pictures showing every conceivable angle. In every way this car looks like it has been taken care of.

The second car has just one picture. It’s taken from a distance away. It looks a little dirty and dusty.

Now, which of these two car dealers would you trust? Based on the two adverts, which would you feel comfortable going to view?

The reality is, if this was the car that you were looking for, you’d be halfway sold on the first car. More than likely you wouldn’t even consider looking at the second car.

Now… Imagine you have to buy this car online and can’t see it in person and this becomes a no-brainer. You’d buy the first car without hesitation.

A picture paints a thousand words.

If you’re running an e-commerce website, then great photography is the only tool you can really utilise to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Your potential customer can’t pop into your shop, take a look around pick up your goods and make an informed decision.

They will be making a decision based only on the information that you supply them. The more information you supply, the easier your customer will find it to make their decision.

But why are photographs more important than words? While you can have a great description of a product for most people ‘seeing is believing!’

As we discussed earlier; if two products are identical in every way people will make a choice based on the quality of the photographs that they see and convert to a sale.

In get the very best of your photography for an e-commerce website:
● Keep it simple. Don’t over clutter your photograph, keep your product as the main focus of the image and ensure that the photograph is on point.
● If you do need to photograph your product in a lifestyle setting, make sure that the background is in context. If you’re trying to sell your product to children, ensure that the accompanying props are in-line with the product. A child's bed in a child's bedroom, a cocktail shaker in a bar. People have a preconceived perception of how a product should be presented.
● Don’t forget to keep it consistent with how your website looks. If your website has clean lines and an ultra modern feel, you don’t want photographs in an olde world setting. Ensure you convey to your photographer how your website is going to look and who your target audience is
● Make sure you get multiple views of your product. Better to have too many than not enough. In addition to making the buying process easier, you’ll also find you have fewer returns and less pre sale questions.
● Ensure you get high resolution, crisp, clear images. This will show your product at its absolute best and will help your clients to make their choices and will help establish your brand as a high quality and trustworthy company to do business with.

If you want your ecommerce store to be the very best it can be, it’s worth investing in high quality photography and building an ongoing relationship with a photographer. Having great photographers is a necessity for ecommerce websites and you’ll see a return on your investment many times over.