Product Photography Pricing

Rather than fixed rates, we prefer to work out a quote for you, depending on the work you require, the size of your business, and the size and complexity of the shoot.
We specialise in all types of products - in every setting. Whether you are a big corporate company or just a start-up, whether you need to shoot just one single item or hundreds of products – we definitely can help you!
Call us on 07481 051322 or email us on to discuss your shoot or to request a quote.

Our Rates

Less than 10 photos - Contact us for quote

11-50 photos - from £5 per photo

51-100 photos - from £4 per photo

100+ photos - Contact us for quote

Extra Charges

Some products (reflective surfaces, jewellery)

may be charged extra depending on the difficulty.

Drop Shadows / Refections £1 per image.

If your product is larger than 50cm on the

longest side it is considered oversized and

will need to be quoted separately.

The Services Include

The photographer's time

Product preparation to include

stuffing bags, minor assembly etc.

Photography of your products

Basic image editing

All prices are for images photographed individually against a white background.